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   Hello friends, it is a simple matter that we watch the movie entertainment ke lie. For 2 to 3 hours we watch the film, in that we forget the outside world and go to the world of the screen and enjoy the whole film.sooryavanshi movie download.

   Sooryavanshi will do the film with full sincerity. Your theater is in any city but you will reach Mumbai lying within 3 hours. And some people may even find themselves facing police officers. But friends, if only one thing is shown in the theater, then the next time it will take heart to go. And your mind will ask you that does money grow on trees?

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  The story is on Mumbai, in which there is going to be a blast in Mumbai after years of planning. Jiska direct connection is with Border Ke Hum Par Bethe with some Gadho. Friends, know the meaning of sleeper cell for how the blast will be. Padho’s uncle, Suba ghar ne milk lane brother or a hairdresser doing children’s haircut can be any such sleeper cell. Vaisa Samaj Lizzy Yah Train Log Hai, hides his face for years and pretends to live a completely innocent life and then a call will come from across the border and they will plan to put the pure city to sleep.

   This lousy mission would have been possible, remember Mr. Suryavanshi did not follow it. Sir ji is the leader of ATS whose job is to get wind of terrorist activities happening in the country. But this time the attack is not going to be 1 or 2 but pure 7. The vehicle was a card that would do 7 blasts in Mumbai. Here comes Suryavanshi’s fox-like mind and 2 old superheroes become Prakash. See Simmba and Singham friends yah picture banna hai absolutely masala type me.

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  Whatever spice the audience wants in the film, the spice has been filled by Rohit Shetty. There is action sequence, there is also strong dialogues, there is patriotism and there is also a message to make Hindu Muslim. Some people may say that there is such a scene in the picture, which is not making any argument. No, your point is true, this is mass cinema, here it is the only post to make the mind go on holiday. And who is making the film Rohit Shetty brother. In Jinki movie, the car is seen flying in the air and km on the road.

  The story of the film is very predictable and we already know who will win, who will get badly. There will not be any mind wandering or twisted turn in this. But the story line is very funny. As soon as the film starts, something very big is about to happen in front of Serious Dal, such a feeling starts coming.

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   And along with him is a very cool actor in the role of the villain that really gets scared. This time your hero will not go anywhere because the villain is quite powerful.

   Friends, who is the real enemy of the film, when Ajay Devgan and Simmba ie Ranveer Singh entered the theater, the public was not shocked because it was already shown in the teaser that there is a picture in Simmba and Singh. . Is Akshay Kumar appearing in each and every character of the picture, due to which the character of Sooryavanshi has been suppressed a bit. Like Singham has a dance of his own, how will this character look to you and Simmba’s jokes are kafi hai “Aala re aala re aala re” Lies to remind you of Simmba movie. But there is nothing like that with Sooryavanshi, he also does comedy like Simmba and fighting like Singham but is no entertainer of his own.

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   And one last thing is also that the angle of a Hindu Muslim has been put very well, how to see it for the purpose of social media, the director sahib has missed a little, everything feels like a fake, the effect should come He was gone. Ranbir Singh’s comedy in the film is absolutely cool. Even if that remembrance will stand in front of you, you will say something or else you will give it to you. Ajay Devgan’s cameo is a little less but even more, the makers have pointed towards Singham 3 Banana. Katrina Kaif had nothing to do in the film but baby set Tip Tip Barsa water on fire. The rest would not have been there, I don’t care much.

   But the movie is good go to the theater and watch 2.5 hours. But you will not get anything new. Those who want a different type of spice will not get it at all. In my opinion, Sooryavanshi should get 3.5 out of 5 stars. Because a star falls in such a way that the same story is nothing new.

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    Similarly, the film is strong when there is power in negative roles, then let’s talk about negative roles, so the makers played absolutely safe and gave what the public wanted, but did not get anything different from the rest of the films. . Boss’s choice is yours, if you want to save money, then the film will come on Netflix in December next month, but we do not believe that you or the film should definitely watch Jakar once in Theer.

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