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 Shu thayu full movie watch online

   Did you see Shah Rukh Khan’s Ravana movie Joyj Hase, did you see Salman Khan’s Tubelight? Seeing Salman Khan’s Race 3? Just understand what happened after digesting the movie. You remember the dialogue of the film Sanju when Sanjay Dutt goes to Bowman Irani to ask for his hand.

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    Same to Same is the copy scene in this movie, now it is in the bow trending that the boy himself goes and asks for the hand of the boy next to the father of the boy. Choko’s father is also happy about this. The story of the picture runs in a flashback. The heroine is waiting for a little hero or the hero proposes to me.

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   This is a very simple love story. Throughout the film, Andos has done different brands as Balaji Wafers, Kankotri. Che also doesn’t force you like a Bollywood picture that you buy this or that. Bow has done a good placement for all those who have been laughing at Malhar Thackeray for 40 minutes in the movie Sawa B Kalak for 40 minutes. In the story of Ahiya, Kai Nathi Ahiya 4 is talking about a friend who does what with another friend.

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   Ahiya also ventures into a check marriage with a friend beej friend. If you are a fan of Malhar then this movie is definitely worth watching. A new incarnation of Dhula will see you in this picture. Not a single dialogue to remember.

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   Speaking of music, music has put such a nice melody. There are only 2 songs in the whole picture, from which one gets rid of the background. One song sounds so good in the voice of Kirtidan. After watching Chelo Divas with Krishna Dev Yagnik, the director of the picture, Apex Noti Mand has written 3-4 dialogues and made the whole picture. As seen in the trailer, Malhar loses his memory while playing cricket. But there is no logic as to how the power of remembrance goes, how it is digested.

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  If you want to watch this movie with only entertainment, you have to be a fan of Malhar Thacker. All in all, Malhar’s acting and Dhula’s acting mat can give this picture 3 stars from May 5.

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