pushpa movie download in hindi 480p filmyzilla

Download pushpa movie download in hindi 480p filmyzilla

   Today we are present with fan madam theory of Allu Arjun’s most awaited movie pushpa. This story is an action thriller story. In this film, the name of Allu Arjun is Pushparaj and this film is related to the life of his pushpa.
   This story begins with the forests of Kerala, red sandalwood trees are found in abundance in these forests. That is why smuggling of sandalwood was going on in this forest for a long time. Meanwhile, a forest officer named Avantika, whose role Rashmika Mandanna is playing in this pushpa film, gets posted to look after this forest. Avantika and Pushpraj were newly married, but after 1 month, Avantika had to leave because of being a forest officer. Allu Arjun i.e. Pushpraj loves Avantika very much, he does not want to send Avantika to the forest to do her duty. And Pushpraj is a businessman himself.

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  Avantika starts investigating about sandalwood smuggling in the jungle. The people of the village try to intimidate Avantika. But Avantika is not afraid of their threats and continues to investigate. One day Avantika gets murdered and her body is found lying in the forest.
   But it is no one who has killed the Avantika of the people. The police bring Avantika’s body to Pushpraj. When Pushpraj asks the policemen who killed Avantika, the policemen reply that looking at the body, it seems that some animal has used it. And in that attack Avantika died. Wanted to stop that hoaxing.

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   Now Pushraj does a job, he becomes the driver of a truck in that forest and starts smuggling red sandalwood from that forest. The vehicle Pushpraj is related to Gopichand, Gopichand is a resident of a village in the forest. Vijay Setupati is playing the role of Jiska in the film. He has been murdered. Gopichand also persuades Pushpraj to smear his wife’s murderer.
   Gopichand tells Pushpraj that his wife must have been murdered by the village sarpanch Kamalkant. Jiska Is Film Me Roll is being done by Prakashraj. , and that is why Kamalkanta must have got Avantika killed. Kamalkant has also bought the police. gets caught in the smuggling of sandalwood.

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   Pushpraj starts smuggling red sandalwood for Kamalkant only. And Chan Thi starts murdering his wife Avantika without anyone noticing. No more Gopichand had a wife.
  After that a big tweet comes in the film that actually Avantika was killed not by Kamalkant but by Balki Gopichand. Taskery was banned. Avantika also came to know that the villager and village sarpanch Kamalkant was also involved in the theft of red sandalwood.

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   One day Avantika caught the villagers smuggling red sandalwood, but when the villagers started running away, Avantika gave orders to fire. Jakar killed him.
   Gopichand was also angry that even after working on Kamalkant’s lies for so many years, Kamalkant did nothing to lie to his wife. wanted to get him killed at the hands of Pushpraj. But when Pushpraj comes to know about Gopichand, Pushpraj goes on lying to kill Gopichand. Gopichand also learns that Pushpraj knows the truth.

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   Isli Gopichand runs towards the forest. And borrowed Kamalkant sends the police to the forest saying that both Gopichand and Pushpraj are smuggling red sandalwood. Pushpraj kills Gopichand. But in the end, Pushpraj falls prey to the police bullets and is killed. Friends, if you like this post, then share it, thanks.
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