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   Friends, what comes to mind when you hear the name of cinema? Entertain, entertain, not on entertainment boss. Cinema has such a thing that it can connect thousands, lakhs, crores of people together in 2 to 3 hours. If it is just a matter of public, she would like to see the same picture which has more emotions attached to it. Let’s talk picture of Prithviraj movie download.
   Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan is such a name written in history that on hearing it, our body soars higher in the sky. Now finally, efforts are being made to make him alive in front of his eyes. Till today, have you read only in their bare books or heard from the mouths of people who have only bravery in their bare hands. An experience that will never be forgotten. One of the best actor of Bollywood Akshay Kumar or will play the role. And he will be seen acting as the bravest warrior of India.

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   The teaser of the film is absolutely stunning. In the film, from sword fighting to Har Har Mahadev, it seems as if we are standing in the soil of Rajasthan. And the very nice music that has been put in the background of the teaser, Hum Music makes it look different from other Bollywood films. The amazing casting that has been done specially adds to the thrill of watching the SR film. Sonu Sood, the national hero of his country, who is loved by fans and outsiders himself, his role will also be important. And there is a new beautiful face in heroin which is Miss World Manushi Chhillar. Who has once made our country number 1 in the whole world, but now she will be seen in Bollywood in the film.
   Ha one thing you have dangerous power in the movie and that is a huge fan of akshay kumar jinka that movie i couldn’t complete justice with prithviraj chauhan. Due to which it may also be that Akshay has got used to seeing bars. He will have to experiment a little with his look in every new film. Right now looking in the film, it seems that Akshay Kumar is giving only 50% of his life. The rest 50% of the trailer’s lies have been kept silent, hopefully it is the same.

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   It is also a fact that a film like Prithviraj movie download also exposes Banana Puri film industry in our Indian cinema. The colorful bandage that is tied on the eyes of big people will probably open up a bit after the film. Often, the lie of becoming a Bollywood film likes that film, in which the history of our country seems to be a dam. Which is seen as twisted. In which 90% of the story does not have power. Later there is a controversy in the picture and the producer loses all the profits. This is called looting. Whereas it took so many years to make the story of a brave warrior like Prithviraj Chauhan.
   Prithviraj Chauhan is not alone, on every second page of the history of our country a name will be found whose blood breathes in India. The fault of those people is as much yours and mine too. We pay more attention to the film maker than the film maker. It will get revenge boss or else real cinema will never forgive us. But let’s start now first Tanhaji now and download Prithviraj Movie. Finally India is getting that name, hearing the name of which awakens more patriotism in our hearts.

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   Friends, we all know that there is only one director to make Rajo’s big film in the country. Lies to compete with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Sanjay Leela Bhansali Akshay Kumar talks with Aditya Chopra in a film bare, then friends come, let’s start the film Prithviraj.
     We all know that Prithviraj was a very big emperor. And a lot has been written in the history of Prithviraj. And today comes from the background of one person. For which many warriors stand up, for which hundreds of warriors lie to give their lives. Which has been shot on a very large scale. Now the thing to be seen will be whether it will be seen in such a big Drushi only in the teaser or has the entire film been shot on it. If the entire film has been shot on this, then it can be said that this film can give competition to Bahubali.

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   Now comes the dialogue that Hindustan Ka Sher is coming and the face of Akshay Kumar is seen for the first time in the film Prithviraj Movie Download. And now there is the introduction of Sanjay Dutt. Sanjay Dutt has also become a king, if he becomes a king then Prithviraj will fight against Prithviraj Chauhan in the film. So it is obvious that the Muslim would have become the king.
  After that Sonu Sood is introduced in the teaser of the film Prithviraj. And what is his hulia is upto hai is of tarah whether he is pandit or chanakya in prithviraj’s court in prithviraj movie.

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  Then there is the introduction of heroin Manushi Chillar. After that the pride and passion of Prithviraj Chauhan is seen. The views of his palace are the views of his court. After that the soldier is seen running the horse. The lies are out and now the battle has started, Akshay Kumar is fencing.
   After that comes the dialogue which is the essence of Prithviraj film. Akshay Kumar, who became Prithviraj in the film Prithviraj, says that “Dharma ke jhoot jiya hu aur dharma ke ki marunga” and you have to pick up the girl. From this look it seems that he came to save the girl and gave the girl child. If you go, you may have seen only what would have been written in history.

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   After watching the trailer, more story of the film will come in the society and it will be known what is going to be seen in the last film. But one thing is clear that this story is interesting and I think a lot has gone to the elder in the film. Akshay Kumar is the hero in the film, so Zaheer si baat hai, there will be patriotism in the film.
   As I said, in the end, I have put the dialogue “Dharma ke jhoot jiunga aur dharma ke jhoot maroonga” which means that today I am also in the film to forget the people who have a feeling about religion. Whether it is known or not, but this film will run, the film is sure to be a hit.
   Friends, tell us how did you like our review download Prithviraj Movie.

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