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naadi dosh full movie release date

We are writing this post after the release of nadi dosh movie, so there is no point in telling you anything about its release, it is a Gujarati movie which is being liked the most in Gujarat itself.

Naadi dosh full movie
Naadi dosh full movie poster

naadi dosh full movie download release date This movie was released on 17th June 2022, and was also in a very good position.

Naadi dosh movie got 71% on justwatch.

naadi dosh movie has imdb rating of 7.4/10.

naadi dosh full movie cast and crew

Talking about the cast and crew members of Naadi dosh movie, it has Gujarati actors Janki Bodiwala, and Yash Soni in lead roles.

just watch71%
release date 17 june 2022
director krishnadev yagnik
actorsjanki bodywala, yash soni
google users96% like this film
music directorkedar-bhargav
distributed by panorama studios
written bykrishnadev yagnik
produced bynilay chotai
running time131.08 minutes
box office collection15 cr.
naadi dosh full movie cast and crew

Naadi dosh full movie trailer watch online

You can also watch the trailer of nadi dosh movie from YouTube and you can also watch it by visiting shemaroo.

Naadi dosh full movie trailer

Naadi dosh full movie review

Gujarati movie Naadi Dosh suggests the taboo on pre-marital intercourse and the way own circle of relatives honour is related to a lady`s virginity.

Krishnadev Yagnik`s Gujarati movie Naadi Dosh (2022), that is presently gambling in cinemas, attempts difficult to flaunt its revolutionary credentials via way of means of hard the position of start charts and astrological predictions in organized marriages however finally ends up reinforcing the taboo on pre-marital intercourse and appears to advocate the concept that own circle of relatives honour is related to a lady`s virginity.

A younger lady named Riddhi (performed via way of means of Janki Bodiwala) is bodily and emotionally interested in a younger guy referred to as Kevin (performed via way of means of Yash Soni). They paintings withinside the identical office. She is determined to have a verbal exchange with him however can’t accumulate the braveness to provoke one, so she trails him. She follows him into the elevator earlier than and after paintings. She clothes as much as capture his attention. She hopes and prays that he could ask her to sign up for him for lunch.

None of this happens, so her brother Kunal (performed via way of means of Raunaq Kamdar) shows puncturing the tyre of her very own motormotorcycle in order that Kevin feels sorry for Riddhi and gives to drop her domestic in his car.

Naadi dosh full movie storyline

All of that is pretty pleasing due to the fact the actors emote properly and feature top comedian timing. The courtship becomes a wedding thought quickly after more than one lifts and espresso dates. We even examine that Kevin`s father Kamlesh (performed via way of means of Ashish Kakkad) is Riddhi`s boss. The households meet every other, and the whole lot is hunky dory till Riddhi`s father Prashant (performed via way of means of Prashant Barot) consults an astrologer to suit the start charts of the bride and groom.

A foremost impediment derails the fast-shifting love story. The astrologer detects naadi dosh, due to which Kevin will in no way be capable of turn out to be a father. Prashant does now no longer need his daughter to be disadvantaged of motherhood, so he calls off the wedding. Kevin can’t trust that his father-in-regulation Prashant could wreck the happily-ever-after he had deliberate with Riddhi. He is of the opinion that not anything terrible will happen, so Riddhi`s father ought to again off. For him, the flaw withinside the start chart is handiest a technical element that may be taken care of out with jugaad.

Kevin is dissatisfied approximately the truth that the start chart places a query mark on his virility. He, like many human beings in our society, trust that sexual prowess is a large a part of a guy`s identity, so the incapacity to provide a toddler could be considered as proof of now no longer being guy sufficient. In a verbal exchange with Kunal, Kevin well-knownshows his insecurities as a guy. He says that the start chart can’t be authentic due to the fact he’s so virile that he can impregnate even a stone not to mention a lady.

Naadi dosh film

This is wherein the trouble arises. Kevin creates a faux being pregnant record to lie to Prashant. He desires to pressurize his father-in-regulation into announcing sure to the marriage, so he makes use of the taboo on pre-marital intercourse to make Prashant trust that no person could marry Riddhi after her honour is tainted. Kevin additionally wishes his father-in-regulation to trust that the being pregnant record confirms his virility.

What makes topics worse is that Kevin has now no longer checked with Riddhi if she has the same opinion together along with his plan. Kevin thinks that having Kunal`s approval is sufficient to move beforehand with it.

Naadi dosh gujarati film review

It appears that Kevin, Prashant and Kunal ignored out on actor Aamir Khan`s tv display Satyamev Jayate while he invited feminist activist Kamla Bhasin as a guest. Bhasin said, “Toh major aaj saare Hindustan ko kehti hoon, ki kisi bhi ladki ki yoni mein aapki qaum ki izzat aapne rakhi kyun? Humne toh nahin rakhi wahaan par.” (Today, I ask all of India: Why have you ever saved your community`s honour in a girl`s vagina? We haven`t saved it there for sure.)

The movie continues Riddhi out of discussions approximately her sexual and reproductive picks while it’s far her frame this is on the centre of the jugaad that Kevin has deliberate. He even holds her captive for an entire night time and drops her at domestic withinside the morning to provide the influence that he and Riddhi have had intercourse earlier than marriage. If you believe you studied that is creepy, you aren’t the handiest one.

In truth, till this point, Riddhi and Kevin have now no longer even mentioned the opportunity of getting children. Kevin does now no longer do not forget how harm Riddhi could be if she knew of his chat together along with her father. When she unearths out, she is aghast now no longer handiest at Kevin however additionally Prashant. She wonders how her father may want to have depended on a stranger`s phrase and now no longer waited to invite Riddhi.

Naadi dosh 2022 full movie

Her voice is stifled again. Prashant thinks that Riddhi ought to express regret to Kevin for her outburst due to the fact, after all, Kevin is her husband. He became being childish. It isn’t a large deal. Riddhi respects her father, so going towards his needs is out of query.

Kevin and Riddhi do have a happily-ever-after however the movie in no way questions the taboo on pre-marital intercourse and the expectancies that it locations on women. Whether Kevin is a virgin or now no longer is of no problem to all of us in any respect due to the fact, apparently, boys can be boys. The hypocrisy in our society is glaring.

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What is the release date of Naadi Dosh movie?

Nadi Dosh movie release date is 17th June 2022.

Can we watch Naadi Dosh movie while sitting with family?

Yes, you can watch the movie Nadi Dosh by sitting close to the family.

Who is the director of Naadi Dosh movie?

Krishnadev Yagnik is the director and writer of the movie Naadi Dosh.

What is the imdb rating of Naadi Dosh movie?

Nadi Dosh movie has a imdb rating of 7.4/10.

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