how to make cutlet recipe at home

crispy vegetable cutlet recipe at home 

hey guys welcome to our new post . today i will give you details about how to prepare veg cutlets . these are crispy and delicious fried appetizer which are prepared  out of potatoes and other  vegetables. and these are also known as croquettes . these are very quick and easy to prepare and perfect option for snacking and tea time .
how to make cutlet recipe at home

ingredients for making crispy vegetable cutlet 

  1. boiled & mashed potato - 3-4
  2. oil - 1 tbsp 
  3. onion finely chopped - 1 medium 
  4. ginger garlic crushed -  2 tbsp 
  5. green chilies chopped - 2
  6. grated carrots - 1 medium 
  7.  corns ( boiled& slightly mashed ) - 1/4 cup  
  8. peas ( boiled& slightly mashed ) - 1/4 cup
  9. capsicum finely chopped - 3  tbsp 
  10. salt to taste 
  11. pepper to season 
  12. mixed herb seasoning - 1/2 tbsp 
  13. red chilly flakes - 1/2 tbsp 
  14. lemon juice - 1 tsp 
  15. bread crumbs - 1/2 cup 
  16. some fresh coriander 
  17. 2 tbsp all purpose flour mixed with 1/2 cup water 
  18. plain cornflakes ground into powder - 1/2 cup

potato cutlet at home

    heat oil in a wok and the chopped  onions add the ginger garlic and green chilies saute it for a minute. add the other vegetables like grated carrots, corns , peas , capsicum and fry it for a while until slightly tender . you can also use any vegetables of your choice.  add in the salt, pepper , mixed herb seasoning red chilly  flakes and the lime juice. next goes in the mashed  potatoes and the lemon juice give everything a good mix . you can check for salt if needed.

  once this mixture is ready cook this mixture for a minute . and switch off the flame.add the breadcrumbs,also add  fresh coriander and mix well and then take 2-3 tablespoon mixture in hand and shape them into bullets . keep doing this for all of them. 

veg cutlet 

dip them into the all purpose flour solution and then immediately coat them with the corn flakes powder. now heat sufficient oil for frying and lower them in hot oil. fry them 2-3 minutes or until they are golden brown in color . when they are fried  enough. remove them on a kitchen towel.and serve hot with ketchup on the side. so my testy and easy veg cutlet or crispy veg cutlets are ready to serve. you can serve with some ketchup.
\   so do try this easy recipe. if you have any other suggestions or queries do provide in comment section below . thank you 

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