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As a fitness enthusiast she had an idea: at the begining of her master studies a question was haunting her : how can she cover her daily proten dose? Without having to rely on conventional animap protein sources?

Beneto foods

   Beneto is a conjoined term from the italian ' bene' for good and 'to' as a more convenient abbreviation of entomophagy, the human consumption of insects. And together, beneto is a tasty and beneficial insect meal.

Beneto foods höhle der löwen

In may of this year they are rolled out our first product, beneto's high protein pasta, pasta made from cricket flour containing a whopping 40% protein. And to spice things up even more they are developed four varieties: tomato, porcini, curry and the extravagant chocolate-cinnamon in doing so, we aspire to establish insect menus on the european market, on their menu, where they want to start a revolution right on their plates.

Beneto höhle der löwen

   Pasta is easy to cook. Convenient and delicious to anyone. We just introduced the cricket. If you have never eaten insects, especially crickets and many clients, or their curious/ brave testers have like their average whole grain pasta.

    Generally speaking, crickets have depending on their food, an earthy to nutty flavour and if -roasted even a hint of bacon. And in the pasta itself it's unrecognisable because their crickets are turned into finely ground flour and finally transformed into pasta. Nothinv feels off, just 40% protein in its purest form, good for you to enjoy. Insects especially make a lot of sense because they are good for us and our diet.

   Crickets, for example, contain 70% protein, a lot of vitamin B12, fibres and minerals and can ease the strain. On our animals, as well as the environment. It is a lot more sustainable and so we might at last rrestablish harmony with this combination of good protein from a pure source, produced with a deeply rooted sense of an ecological and moral consccience.
   It is really exciting because what was born as an idea now become a project. And the project turned into a start-up, which is growing to be a company.

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