white sauce pasta recipe or how make white sauce pasta

 white sauce pasta recipe indian / white sauce pasta recipe italian /white sauce pasta recipe mayonnaise

white sauce pasta recipe or how make white sauce pasta

Hello friends, how are you doing?  Today we are giving the details about white sauce pasta recipe or how make white sauce pasta.white sauce pasta us en easy pasta recipe made with white sauce and veggies.

Ingrediants for boiling white sauce pasta recipe veg

• 2 cups penne pasta (200gms)
• salt to taste.
• 1/2 tsp oil

Ingrediants for vegetable white sauce pasta recipe at home 

• 2 tsp olive / butter
• 1/2 onion chopped
• 1 small carrot
•1/2 capsicum chopped
• handful of corns
• salt
• 1/2 tsp black pepper powder

Ingrediants for sauce

• 4 tbsp butter
• 4 tbsp maida
• 2 cups milk
• salt
• 1/2 tsp black pepper powder
• 1/2 tsp red chilly flakes
•1/2 tsp mixxed herb seasoning
• 4-5 tbsp grated cheeze

Enjoy the white sauce pasta recipe/ how make white sauce pasta

To prepare this creamy cheesy pasta first up we boil the pasta so here i have taken 2 cups of pasta this is e pasta which is very easily available in the market,You can use 2 cups of pasta which is around 200 grams and this pack is easily available in the market.

To boil this in a large pot you have taken 5 to 6 cups of water of boiling and so while it is boiling you have to add some salt. And half a teaspoon of oil and mix that. As soon as starts to boil well add in the pasta and mix it a bit. Very important thing in white sauce pasta recipe is you need to keep in mind is that you need to add the salt at this point only then only it will absorb the flavour of the salt otherwise if you will forget the salt in the pasta here and then your pasta will become a little brand. So kee that thing in mind and another thing that im not adding too much oil while boiling the pasta because it you will have too much oil over the pasta. It will not easily coat the sauce. Let it boil for about 7 to 8 minutes or until it'$ cooked up to 80 % that means it should still have some resistance.

So let it boil over medium flame only so been almost seven minutes you have to remove one white sauce pasta and check that how it looks. Then cut it and check the white ring on white sauce pasta.

White sauce pasta with cream

We are going to strain the pasta and then to stop the carry over cooking. We are going to put some water on top of this so wash it under the running water for about two to three minutes. To stop the carry over the cooking. Once that is done i m going to keep it aside and let it strain further. 

White sauce pasta recipe jain

  I am add 2 tsp oil or butter instead for making white sauce  pasta recipe. Once that is heated i m going to add one teaspoon of garlic which is finely chopped. And let it fry for about thirty to fourty seconds or until its rawness goes away. Once the garlic is nicely fried next. I am going to add in one onion which i habe roughly chopped like this and let it also cook for about one to two minutes or untill it's slightly translucent.

   Let it cook for about two minutes. I am not using more of onions to make c As we are going to add other vegetables so. We don't want to turn it very dark it's done enough. Now iam going to add the rest of the vegetables. So in goes one small carrot which is chopped like this. Handful of boiled corns. And you can add more or less as per you taste and cook these vegetables just for about two more minutes. So that they are slightly turned up and they should still retain its crunch. So here you can add any vegetable which you like and you can simply skip the ones you don't like

  So these vegetables are tossed enough for almost two to three minutes we don't want to overcook it and make it very soft. Next i am going to add in some salt. Half a teaspoon of black pepper powder to make very tasty white sauce pasta recipe. And mix that as well.

white sauce pasta recipe or how make white sauce pasta

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 White sauce pasta all recipes

And after that switch off the flame and we will keep this aside for now to the white sauce in a pan over midium flame. I am going to take four tablespoons of butter let it heat over medium flame and to this four tablespoons of butter. I am going to add in 4 tablespoons of meza that is all purpose flour so this is the regular salted butter which i am using. If you want you can also use the unsalted one it you like. And after mixing the maida keed tossing it over low to medium flame for about three to four minutes or until the rawness of the method that is the all purpose flour goes away.

  It will also change its colour slightly to peel so keep doing this over low flame only keep tossing it we dont want to turn this very dark. One thing you have keep in mind that you have to continuously keep tossing this mixture over low flame to make testy white sauce pasta recipe. One more tip i would like to give you here is that the ratio of the butter and the maida is same in this white sauce pasta recipe always. 

   So erev used for tablespoons of butter and for that i have used for tablespoons of maida. So after about four minutes i can see if the colour of the maida has changed to slightly pale. So at this point of time i will start adding the milk 😄.

White sauce pasta recipe easy

   So now we will start adding the milk gradually. I mean we have to add the milk little at a time ans start mixing the mixture otherwise if you will stop mixing. Then it will form lumps in it. So keep mixing it all the y - value adding milk. So hear i am adding two cups of milk for that four tablespoons of maida to make white sauce pasta recipe.

white sauce pasta recipe or how make white sauce pasta

After making this then this time to add some salt, half a teaspoon of black pepper powder, half a teaspoon of red chilli flakes and half a teaspoon of mixed herb seasoning. This all the seasonings and masalas are easily available in the market. And mix well as well with the base.And keep cooking the sauce further for about another three to four minutes. Or untill. Its cooked through over low flame only.

White sauce pasta recipe english

   Once that stage comes, i am going to add in the prepared vegetables. Along with the boiled pasta. And we will.  So that is absorbs all the flavours of the white sauce pasta. And you find your sauce to be very thick at this point of time then you can add just 2 to 3 tablespoons of the milk or water to exist its consistancy. So its been almost 2 minutes i am cooking over medium flame we dont have to cook it too much also otherwise your pasta wii be over boiled.

   It will break apart in it this thing you have to keep in mind you have to cook the pasta just enough for 2 to 3 minutes.

White sauce recipe pasta cheese

  I am going to put in mh favourite ingrediant that is cheese so here  i am adding 3 to 4 tablespoons of grated cheese. You can add more or less cheese as per your prefrence. So friend now your pasta is ready you have to taste it. Its yummy!!!

white sauce pasta recipe or how make white sauce pasta

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